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Thank you! Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo. Camaro vs. Mustang: Which Has the Better Powertrain? En cuanto al restyling del Camaro, la firma americana no ha confirmado cambios más allá de los que se aplican a nivel tecnológico y del sistema multimedia. Todas las marcas han presentado sus respectivas gamas 2019. They both shine in their own specific ways, however there are some trends with both. Even in base form, the Mustang and Camaro are quite agile thanks to their lighter engines that allow them to carry more speed into corners. In the new model, we know that it will make 500 horsepower in the top Dark Horse performance trim, but we don't have figures for the standard GT models. Nos encontramos que Ford hizo lo propio, y lanza un Mustang que va en el mercado americano desde los 19.000 dólares aprox. The big question: which of these two American icons are best suited to your needs? Una manera muy sencilla de definirlos es separarlos por mecánicas. So naturally, we went a little nuts, too, and tossed the hot Z28 into a blood match with the Ford Mustang Cobra and the Pontiac Firebird Formula. En el caso de la calidad de los materiales, el Camaro de sexta generación ofrece una cabina de primera que destaca sobre los materiales de su rival, el Mustang. Otros modelos similares a Ford Mustang populares son: Escape, Ecosport, Figo Sedán . So, a win? Oops! 2022 Chevrolet Camaro vs. 2021 Ford Mustang: Head to Head. The Camaro IROC-Z narrowly lost this comparison test, but it also went on to become an ’80s icon. No matter which engine option you choose, the Chevy Camaro is at least 100 pounds lighter than a comparable Ford Mustang.Â, While the Ford Mustang is no slouch on back roads, it falls because of additional body roll, a tendency to oversteer, and less road feel.Â, In the handling department, the Chevy Camaro wins out over the Ford Mustang with its surefooted performance.Â, Cars of today are technology powerhouses with features like Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and GPS navigation. Se vende Ford Mustang 2020 Automático color Gris, el auto es tipo de combustible Gasolina. s.text ='window.inDapIF = true;'; Sus acérrimos competidores son el Ford Mustang y Dodge Challenger. 2020 Chevrolet Camaro vs. 2020 Ford Mustang There are many parallels between the Camaro and the 2020 Ford Mustang, the Chevy's chief rival. 1984: The Best Handling American Car Is . But, they have nearly identical fuel economy ratings, and nearly identical performance specs thanks to the Camaro’s low weight. As a farewell, there's a rumor about a limited-run version with the Corvette's 490-hp (365-kW) V8. The table below reiterates the sales in 2022 and the year-over-year change for an alternate way to visualize the data. Recaro sport seats are also available in the Camaro, and like the Mustang, the Camaro’s rear seats provide very little usability for adults. TODOS LOS PRECIO ESTÁN BASADOS EN UN 35% A UN 45% DEL DOWN PAYMENT . En cuanto a las versiones, seguiremos con el Camaro. The Mustang's volume dipped 9.2 percent over the previous year's 52,414 deliveries. Válido del 1 al 31 de enero de 2023. For the second consecutive year, the Challenger was the best-selling model among this trio. The top-tier trim for the Mustang is the GT500. The EcoBoost Mustang gets a very impressive 22 city, 31 highway, and 26 combined mpg. There are features that come standard on one that are optional on the other, and vice versa. En los tres casos nos encontramos que el modelo 2019 es una actualización, en mayor o menor medida, del modelo que estrenó dicha generación. But the Firebird Formula posed more of a threat, and not the least because it was essentially the same as the Camaro. Aunque este punto hace, en parte, referencia al aspecto anterior, es importante señalar las líneas de diseño que tanto Ford y Chevrolet están siguiendo con las sexta generaciones de ambos contrincantes. Just a few years later, General Motors launched the first Chevrolet Camaro. | Buscanos como " eldiosdelosautosoficial " Y SÍGUEN. You want a car in excellent condition with no hidden mechanical issues or previous accidents. Las gamas de estos modelos han sido planificadas precisamente para competir en este segmento, por lo que a simple vista pueden parecer muy similares, sin embargo, cada marca ha seguido un camino muy distinto, como podemos ver en la tabla comparativa de precios inferior. “The serpentine switchbacks up and down Mount Palomar demonstrated a clear difference between Camaro and Firebird handling: The Camaro cuts and thrusts with the Porsche, while the Trans Am is noticeably slower on the uptake.” For all its impressive handling, the Camaro proved too stiff to win over its more Grand Touring–focused competitors; after all, this was a test of America’s GT mettle. The Ber­linetta V-6 proved to be a Percheron among quarter horses in this comparison, destined to go through life with too little motor, run-of-the-mill rubber, and an un­derachiever suspension.” Ouch, that really says it all, doesn’t it? The Mustang GT with absolutely zero option has an MSRP of about $33k. By the 1990s, horsepower returned in a big way, and following the Camaro’s seven-year hiatus in the 2000s, horsepower wasn’t just back—it was setting new standards for itself in stuff like the 662-hp Mustang Shelby GT500 and the 580-hp Camaro ZL1. The Chevy Camaro charts its own course, just as it always has ever since its beginnings. Full Test. Algo salió mal. Otherwise, all the advanced driver-assistance features that come standard on the Mustang require paying extra on the Camaro. Locked in battle for all eternity it seems, the Mustang and the Camaro are two of the most evenly matched rivals you can find today. The Truth About the 6.4L Powerstroke (And Why It’s Not That Bad), Ford 5.4L V8 Triton: Everything You Need To Know, GM 2.7 L3B Turbo: Everything You Need To Know. We’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of the Mustang and Camaro to determine an overall winner. Aunque lo cierto es que son las versiones muscle cars de estas gamas las que generan mucha más atención. As we wrote in 1983, “In fact, the Camaro Z28 and the Mustang GT have become the focus of the first all-out perfor­mance contest between Ford and Chev­rolet since the Sixties. DART GTS 1969 Jalisco. Both the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang have taken enormous strides over the years, with updated suspension designs and improved technology. Prueba Ford Puma ST, vas a fardar en la ciudad: 200 CV y sonido deportivo. It returns fuel economy ratings of up to 21 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. With bodywork that's chiseled and defined, it has a more futuristic personality and looks imposing as it cruises the boulevard. Hopefully updated 4-Banger Camaros will receive a bump power. Aprende cómo se procesan los datos de tus comentarios. 1983: Ford Mustang GT vs. 1983 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 H.O. Over the years, there have been many body styles, engines, and optional performance packages. Precio titulo limpio segÚn mercado (36000€)nuestro precio con 2 aÑos de garantÍa y todo incluido(31000€) vehÍculo procede de impacto ,ford mustang 2.3l ecoboost 2019 convertible ,asientos . But while each is undoubtedly an excellent vehicle, does one have the edge over the other? Additionally, the Mustang offers more spacious seating for rear passengers when you have a group of friends along for the ride. Mustang vs Camaro vs Challenger: la eterna pelea de los pony cars, más viva que nunca. Stock mínimo 5 unidades. Precios Chevrolet Camaro nuevo desde $250.990.000 (precios de lista oficiales) Versión Precio de lista Mecánica Ficha; Chevrolet Camaro SS $250.990.000 : Gasolina , 6.2 L , 405hp , V8 . Both of these V6 equipped cars are an excellent middle ground between the V8 models and the 4-cylinder models. Both vehicles are available with a lineup of potent engines, and come standard with turbocharged four-cylinder engines. Las ciudades con más Ford Mustang publicados son: Cuauhtémoc, Tlalnepantla, Zapopan, Guadalajara y Miguel Hidalgo. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GUÍA DE INSTALACIÓN DE CABEZA DE COCHE CLÁSICO MUSTANG CAMARO COUGAR GTO at the best online prices at eBay! Inspirado en sus profundas raíces de desempeño, ofrece un manejo preciso, motores de alta potencia y diseño icónico. Share of Car Payments over $1000 . The upgraded infotainment rig has an 8-inch touch screen and support for wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. (Oh, and the Camaro won this showdown, too.). So the time is ripe to see how these two V-8–powered muscle cars compare on paper—while we still can. I personally would rather have the Dodge Challenger, but that’s just my personal preference. . como precio base, y que al igual que hace cuatro décadas entró para hacerle frente al Corvette, sumamente deportivo pero poco asequible para la gente común. Últimos precios de Chevrolet Camaro I know I said at the beginning I wouldn’t count the looks of either of these cars. Los modelos de Ford y Chevy fueron de los más destacados del segmento pony en los años sesenta, aunque hoy el mercado ha derivado de tal manera que son sus versiones más poderosas y prestacionales las únicas que pueblan el renacido nicho de los muscle cars. That’s pretty good among sports cars, and is only outdone by the larger Dodge Challenger. The task? Descubre Características, Equipamiento y Precio de las Versiones disponibles de Ford Mustang 2022, el auto Deportivo de Gran Performance y Diseño 1999 Mustang Convertible GT. The Camaro is all about a muscular, chiseled profile and a car that hints at its capacity for high performance. ¡compra y vende en Milanuncios con los mejores precios de particular y profesional! Cambio manual. Compare este anuncio. As a result, the information in this article may not match what you'll currently see on our website. Nevertheless, the Berlinetta survived into the Camaro’s third generation, and even among the suitably offbeat company of a Ford Mustang SVO, a Chrysler Laser, a Nissan 300ZX, a Mitsubishi Starion, a Merkur XR4Ti, a Toyota Supra, and an Audi Coupe GT, it placed dead last. 135i 135 335is 528 528i prestige motorsport high 740li cadillac* cadillac escalade esv ext cts ats chevrolet* chevrolet camaro 2ss class motors top ss corvette vette tahoe suburban ford* ford mustang gt fusion focus 300 200 dodge dodge challenger charger durango gmc* gmc . The most efficient version of the Mustang is the EcoBoost four-cylinder with the 10-speed automatic transmission. The least efficient Camaro is the ZL1. Hasta $ 700,000 (36) $700,000 a $1,000,000 (28) Más de $1,000,000 (43) Ubicación. The 4-cylinder Camaro starts at around $27k, which is slightly more expensive. Ford Mustang. postal Buscar Filtrar resultados 90 avisos Precio del vehículoVer pago mensual > $500 - $1,000,000+ Incluir Avisos Negociables Millaje Cualquiera Años Mín. Ver review del Ford Mustang. We've been .css-xtkis1{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;text-decoration-thickness:0.0625rem;text-decoration-color:inherit;text-underline-offset:0.25rem;color:#1C5f8B;-webkit-transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;font-weight:bold;}.css-xtkis1:hover{color:#000000;text-decoration-color:border-link-body-hover;}comparing the two ever since we can remember. Both vehicles offer similar convenience and comfort features, such as upgraded audio systems, leather upholstery, navigation and dual-zone automatic climate control. El Ford Mustang del 2017. Impressively, the SS posted a 4.9-second zero-to-60-mph time, which in 1995 was solidly in Corvette ZR-1 territory. But one thing's for sure: There's no arguing that both cars are sleek, sporty, and – above all else – all-American. Precio: Ganador: El Ford Mustang El ganador en la puntuación general es…. With both vehicles, cloth upholstery is standard, while leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats are all optional. 1998 Mustang Coupe. The 4-cylinder Camaro doesn’t have any shoes to fill in, there was a 4-cylinder Camaro offered a long time ago, but it wasn’t good at all. Just as we did when the 1994 Mustang came knocking at the Camaro’s door, we also paired up the six-cylinder base models of both cars. That’s a really good price considering what you’re getting. The Mustang and Camaro are both backed by three-year/36,000-mile basic warranties and a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranties. doc.documentElement.appendChild(s); Mientras que los dos emplean lo último en alumbrado con tecnología LED, el Mustang apuesta por una firma lumínica clásica para los faros de circulación diurna, tres barras de luz verticales que siguen la línea de los faros traseros. . Aficionado a la gasolina, las curvas y todas las sensaciones que un volante puede transmitir. The Camaro and the Mustang have been also been America’s favorite muscle cars since the ’60s. As you can tell from the specs, the Camaro is actually slightly faster at everything. The convertible EcoBoost starts at $32,655. But, the Z28 was available in the previous generation, not the current gen. For now the Mustang wins this category, but when Chevy releases the ZL1 Camaro we will revisit this topic. Envíos Gratis en el día Comprá Mustang Camaro en cuotas sin interés! Expand your search to include cars from dealers near you. Encuentra Autos usados Ford Mustang Coupé, Convertible y Sedán en venta en México. Hasta $ 350,000 (116) $350,000 a $800,000 (125) Más de $800,000 (126) Ubicación. While the Ford Mustang is no slouch on back roads, it falls because of additional body roll, a tendency to oversteer, and less road feel. Ambos comparten una longitud de 4.783 mm, pero la anchura en el Mustang es del 1.915 mm frente a los 1.900 mm del Camaro y la altura es de 1.382 mm en el Ford frente a los 1.340 mm del Chevrolet. Camaro vs. Mustang: Which Handles Better? Precio "llaves en mano" sin descuentos por financiación, campañas u ofertas Año Combustible Etiqueta medioambiental Cilindrada Provincias Solo en Península y Baleares Tracción Carrocerías Familiar Coupe 4x4 SUV Pick Up Tipo de vendedor Con garantía Certificados por la marca Palabra clave Versión Equipamiento Cambio Potencia Puertas Plazas Maletero Premium Es nuestro aviso destacado que tiene prioridad en la visualización sobre los demás tipos de avisos. With the sixth-generation Camaro’s arrival, what better time to don your bow tie or blue-oval hat, crack a frosty beverage, and dive into the Camaro-vs.-Mustang rivalry as seen in the pages of C/D? The powerful haunches around the rear wheels add to the muscular profile, and the traditional Chevy bowtie emblem in the grille hints at the American-made horsepower under the hood.Â. In spite of cheater tires, the Mustang lost to the Camaro. Shift has a team of certified mechanics that perform a 150-point inspection on every car they sell. Pony cars like the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang have coupe styling that's all-American and sporty and reminiscent of each automaker's unique heritage. 1998 Camaro Convertible. In the end, the Mustang’s cabin quality wins out. Not so much. Distrito Nacional (37) Santo Domingo (34) . Ford Argentina lanzó el 4 de octubre la preventa del nuevo Mustang 2020. El primero lo encontramos en el frontal, donde el Mustang presenta una parrilla más pequeña y un parachoques con sus formas más definidias, mientras que el Camaro apuesta por un diseño más cuadrado y anguloso, con una parrilla mucho más grande y un capó más abultado. Both pony cars came standard with the highest-output versions of each brand’s respective V-8 engine, and of course we put them head-to-head. We've rounded up this month's best finance and lease deals on the latest sports cars so you don’t have to. That’s where U.S. News & World Report comes in. But, Chevrolet has yet to come out with their new generation high performance model. It returns fuel economy estimates of 12 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. That price is for an entry-level 1LS coupe. . Today the battle is more fierce than ever. The Camaro also comes standard with voice recognition, a Wi-Fi hot spot and automatic climate control. Desde 5% OFF (175) Desde 10% OFF (66) Desde 15% OFF (22) Ford Mustang 2022 Precio inicial: $27,205 Ventajas Diversas opciones de motores potentes Estilo de carrocería fastback o convertible Magnifica presencia Desventajas Asientos traseros ajustados Maletero con dimensiones más pequeñas en convertible Algunos plásticos baratos Poca visibilidad trasera Opinión The 2023 Camaro, meanwhile, is available now. Encontramos 13 anuncios. Both of these rivals will sprint from zero to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The additional drop in 2022 means that it now has the ignoble title. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Por último, en la zaga también encontramos diferencias tales como los grupos ópticos traseros, los cuales en el Mustang rinden tributo al modelo original de 1964 y los del Camaro son una reinterpretación mucho más moderna. On the downside, both also have poor rear visibility and very cramped rear . Answer a few quick questions and get personalized recommendations from Shift. What could possibly go wrong? Encontrá autos . Following a Mustang-vs.-Camaro IROC-Z prototype showdown the year before in which the Ford won, we decided to host the pair again and toss in a third competitor for good measure. The base four-cylinder is available with an eight-speed automatic, while all other engines can be had with an available 10-speed automatic transmission. El Challenger es curiosamente el que tiene una gama mucho más amplia, a pesar de que no cuenta con versiones de 4 cilindros y es el único que no dispone de carrocería descapotable. This is also slightly behind the EcoBoost. All prices are based on vehicle availability and pricing as of. But it's fuel efficiency that is one of the top metrics for SUV shoppers. Yep, the early 1980s were bleak. Publicitario convertido en redactor del motor. En tanto, la versión más costosa, denominada GT, tiene un . Ir al contenido principal Mercado Libre México - Donde comprar . . We also deemed the six-cylinder Mustang more fun to drive. Mustang vs Camaro vs Challenger: las nuevas gamas 2019 continúan la lucha. Precio. Precios vigentes desde Septiembre / 2018 sin incluir descuentos u otras promociones. Let's explore what makes the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang different and whether one has a significant advantage over the other. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If a car offers a V-8, what excuse do you have to not get the burlier engine? Prices for the 4-cylinder Mustang starts at about $26k. It connects shoppers who want to buy or lease a new car with local dealers, and also offers significant savings with pre-negotiated prices, home delivery and online sales options. So now that the new 2024 Mustang is here, we're obligated to stack it up against its crosstown rival, the 2023 Chevrolet Camaro. El interior de ambos modelos presenta formas muy similares, con un diseño musculoso y espacio para hasta cuatro pasajeros, aunque las plazas traseras son ligeramente pequeñas para dos adultos. Precio. Los fanáticos tendrán sus propios argumentos, nosotros te traemos las diferencias. In addition, they offer a full vehicle history report at no extra cost, so you know the vehicle has had no unreported accidents or major repairs.Â, In a competition almost too close to call, the Ford Mustang pulls ahead at the finish line. Estas medidas también se ven reflejadas en el maletero, el cual es de 408 litros en el Mustang y de solo 260 litros en el Camaro, el cual claramente . With 470 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 410 lb.-ft. of torque* at 4,800 rpm, you experience 22% more downforce than a Mustang with the GT Performance Package. ¡Encuentra FORD Mustang al mejor precio! It helped that the Mustang's engine, down 10 horsepower on the Camaro's, had less weight to drag around and thus won the benchmark drag race. Solo el Challenger, un modelo que ya debería haber sido reemplazado generacionalmente, sigue contando con una configuración destinada a maximizar el rendimiento al mínimo precio. The Camaro has similarly supportive front seats that provide a sold level of comfort, and comes standard with an eight-way power-adjustable driver's seat. Here are several of the best. The Challenger had a 1 percent gain over the 54,314 deliveries in the previous year. The reason the V6 equipped Mustang is cheaper than the V6, is that the EcoBoost is really a better option. But for a number of reasons, buying used can be a better choice. In 2021, both the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang are high-tech vehicles with a bevy of useful features, both performance-wise and those that enhance everyday convenience. Explore our new car rankings, where you can see which cars or trucks deserve a spot on your shopping list. Distrito Federal (78) Estado De México (69) Jalisco (56) Nuevo León (23) Puebla (20) Conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones en millones de productos. . 13355 a6rf09 diverse 1-64 2009 audi a6 dubai Police Apex réplicas Ar102 ar105 Ar108 Nissan Skyline Gt-r R32 coches de carrera 1991 1992 1:43 ,, Las mejores ofertas para 13355 a6rf09 diverse 1-64 2009 audi a6 dubai Police están en Compara precios y características de productos nuevos y usados Muchos artículos con envío gratis, Peugeot Bipper "Beep Beep" 1/64 "3 Inche . 7 días de Devolución. . Sources: Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Dodge Challenger Dominates Muscle Car Sales, Beats Mustang Again In Q3 2022, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang Q2 Sales Up As Challenger Sales Fall, The year 2021 was previously the worst ever for 'Stang sales, limited-run version with the Corvette's 490-hp (365-kW) V8, Chevy spinning off the Camaro into its own sub-brand, BMW Design Boss Says More Kidney Grille Changes Are Planned For Each Model, Range Rover Sport PHEV Is Too Heavy To Cope With Moose Test, 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Review: The Unnecessary Good, Refreshed BMW X5 Caught On Camera Showing New Dual-Screen Dashboard. disp. defeat. The Camaro is $4k more expensive, however it is quite a bit more powerful and slightly faster. Feeling frisky, we gathered all three V-8–powered examples in droptop guise, albeit in their highest-output variations: SS, Cobra, and Trans Am. Mercedes-benz Ls|uno|mustang|camaro|soul|x55|duna|500|sentra||s10|0|xsara picasso|a5|s1||corsa||||e-tron||mamut|c-hr|c5||sd 170 mod 1955 Autos . It also has a larger trunk and a better interior. Y, más allá de las mejoras en potencia, transmisión, seguridad y equipamiento, una de las grandes novedades es que bajó el. We complained about the loud exhaust and the stiff suspension, but be it on a road course, the drag strip, or a fast road, the SS was a machine in its element, and it won this test. El Ford Mustang del 2017. Disponible 0 - 60 en We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. Encuentra los mejores precios sólo de concesionarios oficiales. . This was 7,494 units more than the Mustang's 47,566 deliveries in the same period, putting the 'Stang in second place. Ford Perú se reserva el derecho de descontinuar o modificar cualquier modelo . En el caso del Ford Mustang (prueba) tenemos también una versión de cuatro cilindros y 2.3 litros EcoBoost turbo con 290 CV, así como un V8 de aspiración natural y 5.0 litros con 450 CV y un V8 de 5.2 litros con 533 CV. Back when the Camaro and Mustang debuted, solid-axle rear suspensions were the norm, and though it may have torn up the drag strips, it couldn't match European competitors in handling. Today, that's all different, with the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro each using independent rear suspension and rigid body structures manufactured with the latest technology.Â, Experts have particularly lauded the Chevy Camaro for its composed handling, partly because of its weight advantage over the Ford Mustang. It makes the Camaro's cabin look just about as outdated as it is, as Chevy hasn't implemented many changes since this generation of Camaro arrived for the 2016 model year. A no-holds-barred test between two competing automakers using modified cars? 2. Additionally, no matter what type of car you're driving, a measure of convenience is nice to have in terms of seating and storage space.Â. Motor Eléctrico 260 Kw transmisión AWD Transmisión Automático Cilindros Motor eléctrico AUTO EN ESTADOS UNIDOS PRECIO PUESTO . DESDE. Imágenes referenciales. Distrito Federal (7) Nuevo León (6) Querétaro (3) Guanajuato (2) Jalisco (2) Veracruz (2) En el caso de la gama Mustang, con el facelift fue eliminada la versión V6 por lo que ahora solo cuenta con opciones de 4 y 8 cilindros. But the Ford Mustang's extra safety features like Ford Co-Pilot360, which offers forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking, among others, put it ahead of the Camaro.Â. Chevrolet has a much easier time producing horsepower with their 6.2L in the Camaro which produces 455 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque. The Camaro managed to brush off the Mustang for a third time in as many showdowns, but even our testers were beginning to lose interest. 100000 kilómetros. The coupe’s 9.1 cubic feet of space is less than even that of the Mustang convertible. Once again, the Mustang's turbo 2.3-liter inline-four will be closer in performance to the Camaro's 3.6-liter V-6, as the Camaro's base 2.0-liter turbo-four is less powerful, with only 275 horsepower. Having just dispatched the Mustang Cobra in a comparison test one year prior, the Camaro Z28 was riding high. After all, by 1993, the Mustang still had the same basic styling and structure it had in 1979. Not everybody can afford the amount of fuel the V8 muscle cars drink. Ford also won't offer any rivals to the Camaro's 650-hp supercharged ZL1 model, as performance variants of the new Mustang won't arrive for some time after the standard EcoBoost and GT models go on sale. Maybe you don’t want a little 4-cylinder, but you don’t want a V8. })(document, window); Ingresa a tu cuenta para ver tus compras, favoritos, etc. With the Mustang convertible, trunk space falls to 11.4 cubic feet. Our car experts choose every product we feature. Precios del Ford Mustang en enero 2023 desde 56.731 € hasta 72.231 €. Both pony cars offer powerful engine lineups, razor-sharp handling, similar fuel economy, and coupe and convertible body styles. And of course, when we're able to get our hands on the new Mustang, we'll inevitably take this fight to the streets. Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupé 2022: BRL 397.360; Vendedor privado The V6 Camaro makes a pretty impressive 335 horsepower and 284 lb-ft. The Camaro ties the Mustang at 22 city, 31 highway, and 25 combined mpg. The Ultimate Comparison Between a Camaro and a Mustang. 1. Por último, los precios. We’ve been there every step of the way, pitting the Camaro and the Mustang against one another since 1968. The pony car market has evolved a lot over the last 50 years and with every passing generation, there are more advanced and fun to drive cars, pushing the envelope of design and power that a production vehicle can have. That price is for an entry-level 1LS coupe. The longstanding rivalry between the Mustang and the Camaro began the minute Chevy realized that Ford's new pony car was a hit—and that Chevy didn't have an immediate competitor. American muscle cars have been part of american culture since the ’60s. The trend of the Camaro being more expensive than the Mustang has once again shown itself. Camaro versus Mustang is a rivalry for the ages. Would You Rather: New 2022 Tundra vs. Old Model? It pains me as a Mustang fan, but the Camaro has the better looks. $29,900 Chevrolet Camaro 2016: Dorado: $29,900: Valerie Pagan Auto Sales; CAMARO 2021. That war for domination of the all-American-GT class prompted our 'Red Speed' shootout last August. A test that’s based on the fact that the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro V-8 engines gained horsepower sounds great, right? . Los parachoques son muy voluminosos en ambos casos y el difusor y las salidas de escape son comunes, aunque en el Chevrolet son dobles. Perhaps even more curious, the Mustang and the Camaro anchored the bottom end of this six-car comparison test’s finishing order. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the author or Shift Technologies, Inc.  Shift does not endorse or evaluate the accuracy of any claims made or data provided by third party sources referenced herein.‍This article is for informational and educational purposes only and may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.  We are making such material available in our effort to advance auto education. 3 meses de Garantía. Chevrolet Camaro vs. Ford Mustang: Head to Head, Read the 2022 Chevrolet Camaro Full Review, California Do Not Sell My Personal Information Request. Next came an escalating horsepower tit-for-tat that culminated in big-block Camaros and Boss Mustangs, Trans-Am racing showdowns, and drag-night fistfights. The Mustang trounced the IROC-Z yet again, as did the Pontiac Firebird. En este caso tenemos los niveles de acabado LS/LT, el Camaro RS, el Camaro SS y el Camaro ZL1 como la versión más potente, así como los kits 1LE de altas prestaciones con componentes aerodinámicos específicos aplicables para el ZL1 y ahora para el LS/LT, además del Camaro RS. Chevy Camaro vs. Ford Mustang: Which Is Better? El precio inicial es de 43 mil 895 dólares en su versión básica, el Mustang Mach-E Select, lo que equivale a unos 854 mil 328 pesos. The Camaro won this comparison test—and then it went into a seven-year slumber before reawakening as the fifth-generation model. CON EL 10% SOLAMENTE HACEMOS ENVIOS A TODA LA REPUBLICA Y USA AGENDA TU CITA COMUNICATE CON NOSOTROS! Siguiendo la misma estrategia que Ford con el Mustang, GM estudia crear familias de coches eléctricas con sus nombres más icónicos. kept track of American pony car sales throughout 2022. The 2.3-liter Ecoboost in the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet isn't far behind with its Camaro ZL1. Mustang Boss 429 . The Camaro’ ZL1’s supercharged 6.2-liter V8 makes 650 horsepower. Δdocument.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Este sitio usa Akismet para reducir el spam. Though there are some hard plastics, the Mustang has an overall high-quality interior. La presentación de los renovados Chevrolet Camaro y Dodge Challenger añaden un extra de picante al segmento más atractivo de los Estados Unidos, los pony cars. According to our testers in 1968, the Camaro "was an unmanageable handful on the road course simply because of overwhelming understeer." Precio. Ouch. Los vehículos Ford 2022 elegibles recibirán tres años de acceso de cortesía a Alexa Built-in y 30 días de servicios de reproducción de cortesía que comienza en la nueva fecha de inicio de la garantía del nuevo vehículo, luego de la cual se pueden aplicar tarifas. El sistema de iluminación frontal también muestra claras diferencias. Let me know which car you think is better in the comments below! w.parentNode.insertBefore(i, w); We should get more details about the Charger Daytona EV in the coming year, too. The Camaro takes the crown when it comes to the V8 models. Ford se reserva el derecho de descontinuar o modificar cualquier modelo, precio, colores, materiales, equipamiento y otras especificaciones detalladas en este sitio, en cualquier momento, sin previo aviso. But, the 2016 Camaro just looks so angry it’s hard to ignore. Recopilación de contenidos muy interesante... Si te gusta el motorsport, aquí tienes todo lo que necesitas... En te ofrecemos algunos servicios que te ayudarán en la compra venta de tu coche... La nueva gama Chevrolet Camaro 2019 reduce sus precios de entrada, Descubierto uno de los Mustang más caros de la historia abandonado en un campo. The 1964 Ford Mustang revolutionized the American sports car segment. Accesorios Inventario Diseña y Cotiza $26,100† MSRP inicial 650 † HP máx. El modelo visualizado puede no corresponder al ofertado. . La primera generación del Mustang y el Camaro son las más famosas y exitosas, mientras que las tres generaciones posteriores fueron un claro declive en ambos casos, llegando incluso a perder la esencia de este tipo de vehículos, grandes V8 que llegaron a ser de cuatro cilindros y propulsión trasera que llegó a conocer variantes de tracción delantera. The range-topping Camaro trim is the ZL1, which starts at $63,000 for the coupe and $69,000 for the convertible. But this was no ordinary Z28—it was the SS, with 305 horsepower and a sweet-ass hood snorkel. Prices range from $27,495 for a base 1LS coupe with the turbo-four to $47,995 for a 1SS coupe with the 1LE package and the V-8, and $78,090 for a loaded ZL1 convertible with the supercharged V-8. Zapopan. s.type = 'text/javascript'; Consulta tu Cuenta Ford para obtener más información. . The Ford Mustang comes equipped with a host of standard driver-assistance features, including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rain-sensing wipers, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and automatic high beams. It should be noted that both engines use very different technologies. Even with a significant power boost, the 1998 Ford Mustang GT’s 4.6-liter V-8 made only 260 horsepower, way down on the Camaro Z28’s 305 ponies. The thin headlights definitely scream modern, as do the very three dimensional tail lamps. Take out brand loyalty out of the equation, and it comes down to comparing the two cars in categories like price, reliability, fuel economy, comfort and performance. Dodge Dart 1969. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Rotary Engine Is Returning on the Mazda MX-30, We Take the EarthRoamer LTi on a Roamin' Holiday, Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution Is More Hard-Core. Chevy’s 6.2L gets an EPA estimated 17 city, 28 highway, and 20 mpg combined. Sedans can be the starting block for some entertaining high-speed machines. The Camaro goes for a more modern look and the build quality is solid, but there are lots of hard plastics throughout. nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. Ever since, the two have been duking it out for supremacy in a long-running muscle-car rivalry. Conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones en millones de productos. Si existe una batalla más larga, una enemistad en la que más se necesiten el uno del otro y una rivalidad que supere los 50 años es la del Ford Mustang contra el Chevrolet Camaro, la del Camaro contra el Mustang. Como no puede ser de otra forma, ambos pony car siguen rindiendo tributo a sus raíces con sendas versiones descapotables. En el caso de Ford no ha habido presentación como tal, pues no hay cambios de consideración entre el nuevo modelo 2019 (que ya está disponible) y el modelo 2018 (correspondiente al facelift), por lo que las imágenes de un modelo nos sirven para ilustrar el otro. But if you were to buy one, which one should you buy? The Mustang however, is cheaper and more powerful. There are plenty of great sports cars on sale today that offer speed, handling and fun for around the same price as most family sedans. Descubre los Vehículos para Comprar más buscados en Autos y Camionetas Ford Mustang y Vende el tuyo ¡Encuentra tu próximo Vehículo! The Camaro's future is the biggest mystery. Nearly three years after Ford first took the world by storm with the Mustang, Chevrolet brought out the Camaro. Although the Camaro is a few thousand dollars more expensive, it’s faster and has a lot more torque. We rank and review nearly every vehicle available using data from hundreds of independent reviews written by America’s top automotive journalists. Both the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang are available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, reaching a draw in that category. Ford's V6 Mustang starts . The Mustang and Camaro are both modern American sports cars, though they go about things slightly differently. Since the SVO Mustang is remembered by so many enthusiasts, the EcoBoost needed to meet the expectations of SVO fans. Our rankings and reviews are constantly being updated as new data comes in. One of the main attractions of purchasing a 4-cylinder pony car is the awesome fuel economy. Recientemente se ha sumado a la gama el nuevo Ford Mustang Bullit, aunque este es una edición especial que rinde tributo a la famosa película de Steve McQueen, y para el año que viene se espera la llegada del poderoso Shelby Mustang GT500 como la versión más potente con más de 700 CV ya confirmados. The 2016 Camaro is a massive leap forwards from the previous generation of Camaro. Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. Out of a potential 100 points, the Chevrolet Camaro earns 80 points. The headlights are very futuristic, and the whole front end screams pissed off muscle car. . Estas medidas también se ven reflejadas en el maletero, el cual es de 408 litros en el Mustang y de solo 260 litros en el Camaro, el cual claramente no ha aprovechado tanto el espacio como su rival. Descubre más sobre el rendimiento Chevrolet Camaro And its continu­ing importance to the folks in Warren and Dearborn—not to mention to those of us who relish driving at speed—has led to this return bout.”. This puts it slightly behind the 4-cylinder model. To find the best American GT car, meaning the best all-rounder, not necessarily the quickest, stickiest, or hottest-looking. Both of these V8 engines make a ton of horsepower and torque, but which one is actually better? The emissions-reduction era that followed barely slowed the Ford-vs.-Chevy roll, and by the 1980s, both pony cars were back in full fighting shape. Por lo que si bien vamos a encontrar muchas pequeñas diferencias a nivel tecnológico, lo cierto es que la oferta de todos los modelos es muy similar a nivel de equipamiento. camaro 1969,. The thirstiest variant between the two cars is the Mustang GT500. The V8 muscle car has been apart of American culture since the ’60s, and Americans still love it to this day. I came into this expecting the EcoBoost Mustang to take the 4-cylinder crown by a long shot. Pedir cotizaciones Nombre Apellido Email WhatsApp/Teléfono Para un contacto veloz. The 2016 Mustang is far more modern looking than Mustangs of the past. Late in the second-generation Camaro’s life cycle, Chevrolet came up with the idea for a luxurious, stylish Camaro model to attract non-performance-minded folks. 2 CYCLE UTILITY GOLF CART (red) 2 CYCLE UTILITY GOLF CART (green) 82 Camaro. Este nuevo concepto de coche se basaba en un coupé compacto con un potente motor y un precio accesible para floreciente clase media americana, lo cual supuso un gran éxito comercial desde el primer día.

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